Activities that are already taking place:

• Use of solar collectors for heating hot water in sanitary facilities

•  bracelets for more economical and controlled water consumption 

• Using eco sanitary paper to help conserve forests

• After the removal of sick or damaged trees we plant new ones

• We inform guests about the separation of waste by giving descriptional leaflets and bags for differnet kind of waste

• we have a central waste disposal facility, which we intend to convert into an educational island, which will be a learning point fo the importance of recycling

• For general and annual cleaning of sanitary facilities we use steam engines without dangerous cleaners

• Ecologically checked cleaners are used for cleaning the sanitary facilities

• We offer local beverages and food in restaurants and shops

• We offer cycling friendly stands

• We teach about ecology  at mini club

• we do not recycle office paper until it has been  used on both sides

• We use nature-friendly public lighting

• We are considering introducing a solar power plant in the future

• We encourage guests and employees to use public transport

• We use hot water to remove weeds instead of chemicals

  • Season 102. 01.- 01. 04., 10. 10.- 29. 12.
  • Season 202.04.-25.04., 02.05.-21.05., 12.9.-9.10.
  • Season 326.04.-01.05., 22.5.-23.6., 01.-09.-11.09.
  • Season 424.06.-16.7., 22.8.-31.8., 30.12.-2.1.2022
  • Season 517.07 - 21.08.