Seasonal stay at the campsite - caravans

The campsite is expected to be open for caravans and tents from 10 April to 18 October 2019 + winter storage until 3 April, 2021.

Due to its perfec possition at the seaside in the green oasis of mediteranean vegetation our campiste is an ideal location for longer rentals.

Dear guests.

Finally came the day we all had so hard to look forward to. On the 18.5. 2020, the Ordinance on the temporary prohibition of offering and selling goods and services to consumers will expire and it will be possible to perform certain tourist activities again, including camps. Wellness and swimming pools remain closed by decree.

 The opening is conditional on ensuring minimal contact with consumers and is in accordance with accepted guidelines from the National Institute of Public Health. These are already existing instructions of the NIJZ, which are about respecting the same general measures and already existing and published recommendations that we use every day in life outside the home.

If the government gives more specific rules, we will inform you about them, and until then we will follow all the rules regarding disinfection, physical distance, wearing masks… to help prevent the spread of the virus.

For the first 12 days, we will work in a reduced team at the reception, but we will still dedicate our time to you. Maintenance and technical services work normally, so we will be available for technical support, as well as for any additional assistance.

MON 8 -17

TOR 8 - 19

WED 8 - 19

THU 8 - 19

FRI 8 - 19

SAT 8 - 19

SUN 8 - 19

Please announce the day and the approximate time of arrival at the camp, so that we can organize our work more easily and so that the camp itself is not too crowded.

We look forward to meeting you again and welcome you.

  • Season 102. 01.- 25. 03., 08. 10.- 29. 12.
  • Season 225.03.-11.06., 10.09.-08.10.
  • Season 311.06.-09.07. , 20.08.-10.09., 29.12.2016-01.01.2017
  • Season 409.07.-20.08.
  • Season 519.07 - 22.08.
  • Season 615.07 - 19.08.
  • Season 726.08.-01.09.