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Body packs
Beautiful Brida - salt Scrub + Body Wrap with Algae or Green Clay and Body Massage with Lavender Oil 90 min 82€
Complete body packs are followed by a massage of the whole body with essential oils. ALGAE: they contain natual minerals and vitamins and are absorbed into the body very quickly. They have an exceptional detoxifying effect on the body and a strong softening and moisturizing effect on the skin. They strengthen the walls of the capillaries and soothe irritated skin. A successful treatment for weight loss and against cellulite.
Istra rosemary peeling + bodypack clay + massage with olive oil 90 min 82€
Complete body packs are followed by a massage of the whole body with essential oils. GREEN CLAY: it contains a number of natural minerals that are absorbed through the skin. Clay is renowned as a natural element that releaves numerous problems. In beauty treatments and cosmetics it is mostly used in wraps or packs against muscle tension and joint pains, cellulite, skin aging, to improve skin firmness on the chest and buttocks, and against impure skin, acne and pimples.
Body peelings with massage
Kafetino - Coffee peeling 45 min 55€
Itis efficient against cellulite because coffee has a great drainage effect and it removes toxins from the body.
Medea - sugar peeling + honey wrap + massage with almond oil 90 min 82€
Sugar is used in combination with honey and olive oil, which nourishes the skin.
Mediteranea - mediterranean herb peeling 45 min 55€
Unrefined salt from the Sečovlje salt pans is used in combination with olive oil and Mediterranean herbs – a perfect peeling for eliminating dead skin cells with a stimulating effect.
Olivia - peeling with olive oil and Adriatic olive leaves 45 min 55€  
Rosandra - Adriatic rose peeling 45 min 55€  
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