Today, sauna is one of the favourite ways to relax the body and mind; its beneficial influence on our health is also very important, as it is known that it helps with eliminating toxins from the body and relaxing the muscles. At the Adria Ankaran Wellness Centre you can indulge in steam baths, Finnish sauna and infrared sauna.

Steam bath

In the steam bath, the essential oils will cleanse and moisturize your respiratory tract, relax the tension in your muscles and moisturize your skin.

Finnish sauna

The Finnish sauna will help strengthening your immune system and improve the levels of your blood sugar.

Infrared sauna

The infrared sauna will speed your blood circulation and metabolism and help you burn more calories.

Strengthening the immune system

The essential point of sauna is strengthening the immune system and this can be achieved by Kneipping in our cold water pool.

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