Price list

Relaxing massage
Oliva - body massage with warm Olive oil 40 min 50€  
Aroma - body massage with warm essential oils 50 min 65€
A very effective de-stressing and relaxing massage of the whole body, which includes also a facial massage. Essential oils are used in the massage, which means that you can also enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy.
Berberska - body massage with warm argan oil 40 min 50€  
Istra - massage with Mediterranean spices oil 40 min 50€  
Lavanda - anti stress massage with lavender oil 40 min 50€  
Lepasem - face, neck and décolleté massage 20 min 30€
It has a beneficial effect on stress reduction; the facial massage effectively smoothes wrinkles and improves the skin’s elasticity and firmness.
Massage for children “HAPPY KID” 20 min 20€
A classical massage adapted to children aimed at relaxing hyperactive kids. One of the parents must be present during the massage.
Massage of the body with volcanic stones 45 min 50€  
Adria Massages
Adria massage 50 min 60€
An ideal massage to relax your muscles and eliminate stress; different massage techniques improve circulation, tissue blood flow and energy flow, and reduce tension. Foot massage included.
Adria Special Relax Massage 60 min 70€
It is the same as the Adria Massage, but it includes also a foot massage and it is concluded with a massage of the head and face.
Adria Special Relax Massage 80 min 80€
It is the same as the Adria Massage, but it includes also a foot massage and it is concluded with a massage of the head and face.
Therapeutic massage
Anti-cellulite massage 20 min 30€
The massage includes the legs and buttocks area and it helps in treatments against cellulite, as the special massage techniques used accelerate blood circulation, lymph flow, remove stagnant toxins and tighten the skin.
Hand massage of the back 25 min 35€  
Madero therapy 30 min 40€  
Maderotherapy 50 min 60€  
Spa foot reflexotherapy 25 min 35€
Reflexology foot massage is a method of natural healing that triggers self-healing processes in the organism. Pressing the reflex zones on the feet and massaging them will relax the body and restore its balance, as each of the reflex areas on the feet is connected to a certain organ of the body.
Spa foot reflexotherapy 40 min 50€  
Classic massage
Classical Massage of the whole body 45 min 50€
The classical Swedish massage is the oldest form of care for the body. It stimulates and restores the balance of the body, mind and soul, improving blood flow, relaxing the muscles, stimulating the metabolism and accelerating the removal of toxines from the body.
Partial classical massage (just back or back – legs) 25 min 30€
A shorter massage of a specific body part can help relax and eliminate tension. Back massaging has a particularly beneficial effect on stress elimination.
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