Koper - Izola

The Slovenian coast is inviting due to its charming old coastal towns, like Izola (15 km) and Koper (7 km), that have also a rich history. Let yourself be surprised by the old part of the city, the green area and the new part, which also offers modern shopping centers.

Istrian villages in the coastal hinterland

Stroll through the surrounding villages with stone houses and little churches on top of small hills, from where there is a beautiful view of the blue Adriatic Sea and the coast of the Gulf of Trieste. Koštabona (20 km), Marezige (14 km), Hrastovlje (20 km)

Škocjan Caves (Škocjanske jame)

The Škocjan caves have a special place among the thousands of caves in Slovenia due to their spacious halls and underground gorges. Due to their unique natural and cultural heritage they were entered on UNESCO’s list of world heritage sites in 1986.


The Lipica stud farm is the cradle of all Lipizzan horses in the world. Today it is one of the most beautiful historic cultural monuments in Slovenia. The stud farm boasts centuries of tradition in breeding and selecting pure breed horses. 

Postojna Cave (Postojnska jama)

The Postojna cave is the world's most captivating cave with magnificent cave formations and diverse fauna. Take an unforgettable ride on Postojna Cave's underground train and experience a fascinating subterranean paradise shaped by tiny droplets over millions of years.

Sečovlje Salina Nature Park

The Sečovlje salina stretches along the estuary of the Dragonja river near Sečovlje. The area has been protected by government as a nature park. Salt mud and brine are also obtained here, two local natural healing factors that are used for medicinal purposes.


The Strunjan Peninsula (23 km) is strewn thick with hidden gems of natural and cultural heritage. A healthy environment, authentic traditions, marvellous views and the diversity of the fauna and flora offer countless possibilities for actively enjoying the outdoor life.


Piran (25 km) is the most well-preserved urban cultural monument in Slovenian Istria, with many churches, galleries and museums. The famous violinist Giuseppe Tartini was also born there. In the center you can visit the marine aquarium with many interesting specimens from the Adriatic Sea.


Portorož (25 km) is a combination of tradition, history, art, nature and modernity. Take a walk along the coast of the Portorož beach to the salt warehouse in Piran. Check out: Forma Viva - a collection of outdoor stone sculptures.

Miramare Castle, Trieste, Italy

The Miramare Castle looks over the Gulf of Trieste, running out into the sea on top of a cliff. Around the castle, there is a wonderful park with rare exotic plants.


Ljubljana (106 km), the capital of Slovenia, attracts visitors with its rich ancient and medieval heritage, with its Renaissance, Baroque and modern facades. The city is the country's cultural, political, scientific and university center.


Bled (155 km) is one of the largest tourist centers in Slovenia. There is one of the best golf courses in the area. It is famous for its beautiful lake, in the middle of which there is a small island with a church.


The Mediterranean salt meadow is the only meadow of its kind in Slovenia and one of the few on the eastern Adriatic coast. This unique and ecologically important area is classified as a natural asset of national importance and part of the Natura 2000 network.
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